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System Supplier

As a system supplier with its own production operation, Advanced Dynamic Engineering LTD is in a position to handle component development, tool design, mould construction, sampling and moulded part production.

For the production of small and pilot series, as well as for extended batch sizes, we can accommodate the production of CNC stainless steel parts, plastic injection moulding or aluminium die casting.

Plastic injection moulding – for which a wide range of thermoplastics, thermosets and elastomers are suitable – are available specifically for the injection moulding of technical plastic parts involving proven engineering plastics such as PA6, PA66, PBT, PES, POM and PSU.

Even during the product development process, we offer you the use of aluminium die casting and enable you to shorten the time-to-market in a fast, cost-effective way. Technical diversity and high-level precision characterise the aluminium die-casting process. In addition, it possesses good chemical and mechanical properties, significant robustness, conductivity, corrosion protection and is weight-saving.