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Developing new solutions with the right methodology, not losing sight of what has been tried-and-tested and recognising “the new”: in short – think outside the box!

For us, development means creating new impetus directly within the development or production departments. We support you both in mechanical application development and with external programming.

Reverse Engineering

In mechanical engineering, reverse engineering is used for various tasks and digitised with the support of 3D scanners and CAD software. Here, the functionality of a component or assembly, as well technical requirements, force transmissions, ambient temperatures (in which the component is used) and other relevant factors can be identified.

The second aspect concerns manufacturing requirements. It is not always economical to produce the new component with the same manufacturing process as the original. Often, it is simply not worthwhile to create a mould for small quantities if the technical requirements allow this component to be produced as a milled component.

All further processes follow this initial process of technical and manufacturing target definition.