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Automotive + supplier industry

The digital revolution, the customer-centric mindset of OEMs, and the expansion of the automotive value chain to include the provision of infrastructure and mobility operations are currently changing the economic system for automotive and suppliers in dramatic fashion.

Leadership based on experience, stability and security is becoming increasingly difficult. Small, unplanned deviations have an enormous impact on suppliers and lead to a chain reaction along the entire value chain. Today, major disruptions in this system are on the rise: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, thereby rendering predictions more difficult (or even impossible) in some instances.

CASE technologies (connectivity, autonomous driving, shared and service, e-mobility) are at the heart of the transformation process driving mobility services. The winners are companies and automotive suppliers operating in this CASE environment, the new mobility start-ups and niche specialists.

Dispensing with “legacy items”, developing new business models to participate in the automotive industry’s CASE-initiated transformation, while at the same time managing high-level basic innovations with long payback periods in a collapsing core business, all require new perspectives.

Therefore, the need for an organisational and management model with which you can safely steer your company is all the more urgent.

The entire automotive value creation system demands smooth and ever more efficient processes: zero PPMs, Jit/Jis deliveries, simultaneous engineering, 24/7 etc. And this system has to work at a global level. Target prices for components are determined on the basis of “perfect” organisations.

Advanced Dynamic Engineering LTD offers – as engineering specialists – a wide range of services, especially for OEMs and suppliers in the international automotive industry. We take on tasks as technical project managers, project leaders, and consultants within the scope of automotive project management.

  • Project management
  • Supply chain management
  • Process management and process optimisation (e.g. LEAN)
  • Development
  • Quality management (e.g. global supply chain development, QM as per the IATF 16949 industry standard)

For us, professional management means precisely handling your high-level demands for results within tight deadline and cost parameters, while meeting the challenges posed by a scarcity of resources.

We support you in solving global supply chain management issues. We take good care of the issues that arise from significant product complexity and extremely sophisticated requirements – such as adherence to tight deadlines, costs and quality, as well as interaction with suppliers.

The same applies to process management, process optimisation (e.g. LEAN/AGILE) in the disciplines of development, manufacturing and after sales/global services: introduction of agile methods and KPI processes, LEAN management.

Within technical development, we not only introduce cross-industry expertise, but above all the methodology from other development contexts.