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Aerospace technology

Our ultimate goal is to create intelligent results that help you to make noticeable advances in industry. Innovative solution developers and ambitious project managers accompany your project with maximum efficacy, and in full compliance with the highest safety standards.

Aerospace engineering is a driving force for the development of technologies that are of great importance for innovations in other industrial sectors. These activities stimulate technological advancement in high-technology supply industries (e.g. new materials and electronics) and play a crucial role in technological innovations that spread to other sectors (e.g. energy and automotive).

The economic and technical challenges here primarily concern

  • developing (hybrid) electric propulsion systems with the smallest environmental footprint,
  • the aviation industry as the lead market for Industry 4.0/ AI and for networked production systems for aviation applications,
  • innovative maintenance and repair processes for the entire product life cycle of aviation systems and demand-oriented maintenance activities.

We shoulder responsibility for the sub-areas of design, technical calculation, simulation or documentation. In cooperation with OEMs, suppliers and system manufacturers, we demonstrate a high degree of flexibility and cost awareness. And we step up to the challenges of the industry: economic efficiency, adherence to schedules, the increasing importance of ambitious climate protection goals, leaps in innovation that allow the aerospace industry to stay ahead in global competition.

We, therefore, support aerospace companies with the following services:

  • Process management
  • Supply chain management
  • Development
  • Project management
  • Quality management according to EN 9100 and 9120