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3D Printing Prototypes

Do you need functional or geometrically complex prototypes, simplified illustrative models or design samples of your planned products or components? Do you want to try out a new design before having the tools made and pursuing expensive mass-production?

The use of 3D printing elements is on the increase and as early as during the development stage of a product, we can realise prototypes and small series in 3D. We work with metal-reinforced plastics that look very much like metal parts. In particular as hand-held or illustrative models, these specimens convey a convincing representation of the subsequent component thanks to their metal-like appearance and qualities.

  • You receive faster & more cost-effective prototypes with a material selection that is suitable for use, and we support your design-to-cost process.
  • Direct conversion from CAD to 3D printing. Implementation of complex geometries in the shortest possible time frame.