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Interim Management

The order chain is not up to the mark, delivery reliability and quality are suffering and the bottom line is that productivity needs to be improved. The expert for lean structures and operational excellence is in demand.

As experienced technical project managers, we are experts, managers and executives all rolled into one. And as external experts, we bring experience from various projects and several industries, and are exclusively focused on the successful realisation of your project.

Successful project management as Quality Managers and Regulatory Affairs Managers in medical technology are within the realm of our experience, as are programme management and process optimisation (LEAN) in the automotive manufacturing and supply industry.

We are equipped for the short-term and temporary performance of specialist and management tasks as external project managers in your company.

As interim managers, we offer numerous benefits over internal project managers. We remain objective in the face of established structures; we are not involved in day-to-day business and we contribute our staff capacities exclusively to this assignment.