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Advanced Dynamic Engineering LTD.
offers engineering services from Germany:

Interim management, consulting, process optimisation (e.g. LEAN), tasks within the discipline of development, as well as quality management (e.g. global supply chain setup).

Interim Management

Interim Management

The order chain is not up to the mark, delivery reliability and quality are suffering and the bottom line is that productivity needs to be improved. The expert for lean structures and operational excellence is in demand.

Consulting / Beratung

Consulting / Advice

Your company has developed well, but the organisation has not kept pace with this growth, meaning that processes and organisation need to be adapted.


Process optimisation

The LEAN concept is your decisive next step and you are looking for a competent partner to realign your business processes.



For us, development means creating new impetus directly within the development or production departments. We support you both in mechanical application development and with external programming.


Quality management

In order to generate quality within the company, this means, above all, focussing on the respective requirements. We know from our own projects that this can vary from industry to industry, and from company to company.


System supplier

As a system supplier with its own production operation, Advanced Dynamic Engineering LTD is in a position to handle component development, tool design, mould construction, sampling and moulded part production.

3D-Druck Prototypen

3D printing prototypes

Do you need functional or geometrically complex prototypes, simplified illustrative models or design samples of your planned products or components? Do you want to try out a new design before having the tools made and pursuing expensive…



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Our commitment is based on our extensive experience in these industries:

Medizintechnik | Pharmazie

Medical + Pharmaceutical Technology

Medical and pharmaceutical technology are highly innovative industries that work with short product cycles. Subsequently, successful project management, quality assurance and process optimisation all the more necessary.

Automobil & Zulieferindustrie

Automotive + supplier industry

The digital revolution, the customer-centric mindset of OEMs, and the expansion of the automotive value chain to include the provision of infrastructure and mobility operations are currently changing the economic system for automotive and suppliers…

Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik

Aerospace technology

Aerospace engineering is a driving force for the development of technologies that are of great importance for innovations in other industrial sectors.

Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Mechanical and plant engineering

Project management in mechanical and plant engineering is a complex task in which all areas – from purchasing to design and assembly – must be monitored and planned centrally.